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My name is Bart. I am 29 years old and I am a professional English teacher, musician, traveler and sports enthusiast from Poland. I have been doing sports all my life. In 2013 I started getting more into a healthy lifestyle. I have been doing sports such as swimming, yoga, mountain biking (8000km in a year), running, tennis, weightlifting and my absolute favorite – frisbee.

In 2014 I moved to Thailand to teach English. Not long after I started my new job and I met my first coach. We started training together at the gym and he taught me everything about weightlifting and yoga. It felt great to be able to lift heavier weights each month. In late 2015 I discovered Intermittent Fasting which greatly improved my overall health and had a positive impact on my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Everything was going really great at that point.

In May 2016 my whole life changed. After I finished work I got on my motorbike and was on my way to the gym. I didn’t go too far – I crashed into a motorbike taxi. I was going too fast. After I landed on the concrete I felt an agonizing pain in my left arm. After having rushed to the hospital I saw the X-ray – my arm was broken and my shoulder dislocated. I was shocked. This was a turning point in my life – I had never broken a bone in my life. The surgery was successful and I woke up with a metal rod with nine pins in my arm. When the morphine wore off on the next day I realized that getting back to full health will take a long time. And I will have to learn to live with pain. Still in shock.

After I was released from the hospital nothing felt the same. I was a different person. The doctor told me that I may never regain full motion in my shoulder and that the recovery will take many months. I was crushed by the fact that I would not be able to go to the gym. I decided to quit my job and focus all my energy on the recovery. In the beginning I felt lost and confused. It was very difficult for me to deal with the constant pain. Eventually, I realized that I had to put in even more effort to get my life back in shape. I had to do even more than I thought I could. With an overwhelming support from my family and friends I got back on my feet and set new goals. I had more appreciation for life than ever before. I set out to live a life on my own terms and help other people improve their lives.

Fast-forward five months later, I am still in Thailand exercising, stretching and trying to fix my shoulder. I meditate every day, do yoga and slowly try to lift weights again. A few months ago, my mom told about this amazing honey from New Zealand that does wonders for health. At that time I was dealing with severe IBS symptoms and I was getting sick all the time. My immune system was non-existent. I did some research and learned about the amazing benefits of Manuka honey and that it helps with all sorts of problems. I ordered my first jar and started using it. Soon, I became stronger and I gained some weight (I lost 6 kg after the accident and couldn’t eat much). My IBS symptoms stopped completely and I finally stopped getting infections. It also improved my sleep. Oh, did I mention it tastes so good? I just sip it from the jar every day before my first meal. I can safely say that Manuka honey changed my life and I am sure it can change yours too.

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