Here you can read about Manuka Honey benefits for your health.

The UMF Honey Association conducts scientific research on Manuka honey as well as works with Manuka honey producers to better understand the healing properties of the manuka plant.

Read below to learn about the benefits of Manuka Honey.

1. IBS & IBD

Studies have shown that variable doses of Manuka honey reduce inflammation of the colon in groups treated for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD). Histological scores have shown that Manuka honey has also restores lipid peroxidation and protects against further irritation of the colon.

manuka honey benefits


Manuka honey’s natural antibiotic properties greatly reduce reflux and balance the digestive system. The bacteria Clostridium difficult has been found to be susceptible to Manuka honey’s bactericidal qualities.

manuka honey benefits

3. Sinusitis and tonsilitis

Many anecdotal accounts have been reported about Manuka honey causing relief in sinusitis as well as allergies. Patients report over 50% less symptoms with regular use of Manuka honey.

manuka honey benefits

4. Staph infections (mrsa)

The researchers from Cardiff Metropolitan University that the bacteria Staphylococcus is susceptible to Manuka honey and when applied topically to a wound or a cut may greatly help with down-regulating MRSA.

manuka honey benefits

5. Acne and Eczema

Although there is no scientific evidence for Manuka honey treating acne and eczema, many patients report that applying Manuka honey on affected skin areas reduces the symptoms and makes the skin much smoother.

manuka honey benefits

6. diabetes

Studies have shown that daily supplementation with Manuka honey reduces the glycemic response after a meal. Compared to other sweeteners, Manuka honey shows lower rise in blood sugar. Always consult your doctor before using Manuka honey for diabetes.

manuka honey benefits

7. cancer

The antimicrobial properties of high-grade UMF Manuka honey have shown to reduce tumour size and gene mutation inducing cell death and preventing the spreading of cancerous cells.

manuka honey benefits

8. boostS your immune system & improveS sleep

Manuka honey has shown to significantly decrease plaque and reduce bleeding from affected areas. As it is is rich in zinc, calcium and phosphorus it greatly helps with teeth healing.

manuka honey benefits

9. improveS dental health

With its rich nutritional profile and antibacterial activity, Manuka honey has shown to stimulate cytokine production which helps with treating infections and diseases. Manuka honey also promotes good sleep by slowly releasing glycogen essential for a good night’s sleep.

manuka honey benefits

10. treatS wounds, burns and ulcers

Manuka honey’s anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants characteristics provide a decrease in inflammation in wounds, cuts as well as in venous ulcers.

manuka honey benefits
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